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I will train Anakin… without the approval of the Council, if I must.

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Photo 25 Mar 1 note Kill Them All!

Kill Them All!

Photo 12 Mar 1 note Berlin 1945
A once great city in ruins. 

Berlin 1945

A once great city in ruins. 

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I’m rather fond of Red Orchestra 2’s art!  I wish it was more visible to folks.  Outside of the Steam cards and the singleplayer cutscenes which not too many people see, they don’t get much exposure.

Fallen Fighters’ Square is definitely my favourite piece there.

Link 10 Mar Creepiest Guy Ever on Cod Ghosts»

Creepy COD Player

Photo 10 Mar My best game yet! Top of the leader board :D

My best game yet! Top of the leader board :D

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Photo 9 Mar 1 note
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Link 26 Feb 1 note Daniel Cormier is a classic act and a scary guy!»

Daniel in this interview after ufc 170.

This guy is a class act and as humble as they come. He is probably one of the scariest guys at 205! I hope we see him fighting for the title late this year or early next.

I assume and would make a bet that the UFC will give him a tough top 5 guy at 205 next (which was suppose to be Evans). And if he wins that match significantly I don’t see any reason why not to put him up against Jones (or Glover if he pulls out the win). I think the titles fight will happen it will just be about timing.

Link 26 Feb 1 note FEDOR EMELIANENKO || WHEN I WAS KING (2013 Highlight) by @FlyWinMedia»

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